Your Dog’s Health And Summer

Like us humans, our canine counterparts are just as susceptible to the hot summer months. Keep an eye on them, especially if they spend a lot of time outside during the hottest times of the day. Because sweat glands only exist on a dog’s nose and paws, pups can experience a tough time cooling if they don’t have fresh water to drink. Keep a bowl of fresh clean water available for them in an area that provides shade. Water that sits in direct sunlight can often get as hot as the surrounding temperatures are.

Keep them cool

There are some products on the market that offer cooling options like bandanas that you can soak in water and will cool your pup in the heat. They will be extra helpful if you have a thick-coated doggy. For close shaven dogs, or any dog for that matter, sunburns can be a problem. Fur does not mean the sun can’t toast their skin just as easily as ours. Companies provide sunscreen for pups, that is specially designed for their skin (remember their body PH is different from humans). Nose and the tips of their ears are often the most vulnerable areas, and a dab of protection will keep their tail wagging.

Heat and parasites

photoAlong with the heat, insects can be a pestilence to our four-legged friends. Heartworm disease is carried by the dreaded and annoying mosquitoes. Other insects like ticks and fleas can give your pup the itch, and leave them annoyed and uncomfortable. Try keeping your friend bathed at least once every three weeks not only to clean their fur and skin, but also apply tick and flea shampoos that will keep that scratching at bay. If you are worried about your pup’s sensitivity to tick and flea shampoos, you can try all natural remedies that have grown in popularity. Garlic juice seems to be a favorite. It does the same thing for a canine that it does for humans, and it keeps the insects away. Before changing your pup’s diet, you should consult with your veterinarian and ask their opinion on natural remedies. As long as those annoying insects stay away from your pup, they will be able to enjoy the summer outdoors.

Keep a visible sign of ownership

Safety is a little general, but is just as important during the summer time. Remember to keep your friendly companion’s collar and tags on, especially when they aren’t in the house. They are more active outdoors during the summer, and as you all know, pups can be amazing escape artists. Don’t let you doggy wander around the neighbor-hood untagged. Aside from their general information, tags are shiny and reflect light from traffic during the night.

Check before you go

Before you go outside to enjoy your daily walk with your pup, remember that you may have shoes to protect your feet, but a pup has only his paws. They are just as sensitive as your hand, although you may not realize it. Check the side walk or pavement with your palm; if you cannot stand the heat, it is probably too hot for your four-legged friend. Try instead, walking in the early morning, or later afternoon when the air is cooler, and the pavement won’t be burning your pup’s paws. Remember to be courteous and thoughtful of your puppy, and he will love you forever.

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